Bigmantoys triple-drop Friday 11th at 11pm London time.

Lee Burbridge at Bigmantoys is bringing back a few of his classic MOTU-scale toys (a couple for their final variant release), and dropping them online via o On Friday November 11th at 11 pm London time. They are all resin - with some rubber parts, and stand 5.5" tall.

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"Treegarr is back in four new variants, limited to two of each. Colorways include "Maxxed Out" (purple and yellow), "Burning Cold" (blue and orane with gold accents), "Afterglow Wonderhell" (Neon pink and green with gold accents), and "Slime Pit" (Clear green with a black wash), at $75 each.

Wo-man is back for the first time in over a year in her classic flesh colorway (ltd. to 7 more), "Faye-kerr" (ltd. to 3 more), and an all-new "Slime-Pit" version limited to just 2 pieces, at $65 each.
(Seen up top).

Finally, the 5.5" rubber barbarian buck that has been used for various releases over the years is having it's final send off with 5 or so randomly assembled resin/rubber reject-bootlegs titled "Pieces of the S***" approrpriately priced from just $28 a pop. "