Donald Trump is the 45th Elected President of The United States of America

And Donald John Trump has been announced to be the 45th Elected President of the United States of America, against Hillary Clinton, in what would have been the most excitable and drama-wrought campaign-trail leading up to the election on November 8th, that folks have been witnessed to around the wwworld!


In the “toy world” on TOYSREVIL, perhaps it would be an "apt" time to take a quick look-back at the recent toys to have been released, once Mr Trump announced he would be running for President - which featured the 70 year old NYC-born native American, in various incarnations as “action figures” - including “"The Donald Trump Show” and Darth Trump blister carded products by Jonathan Stephens AKA TIMEBANDITS (with Special Edition Toys) - both of whom are "Sold Out".

And from FCTRY, there was the Trump Vader by Mike Levitt (*an April Fools joke BTW) - alongside TIMEBANDITS - both funnily parallel to a 2005 “trump versus vader”-blogpost referencing “The Apprentice” I had on TOYSREVIL before! Wanna bet you’ll hear his catchphrase again soon? #YOUREFIRED

Nevertheless, Trump now stands alongside Hillary Clinton and “Bernie Sanders” figures in the FCTRY scheme of toy-things … as do Funko, who already has Pop!Vinyls and Garbage Pail Kids figures out!

“Collectibles” sure has become a hot topic (and no doubt a viable commercial one perhaps), since the release of “Barrack Obama” as a figure back in 2008 (Obama #onTOYSREVIL)! The POTUS has become such a pop culture icon in this day and age since, which in the past focused somewhat on (mostly deceased) dictators around the world, and in different time periods too.

As I report on these collectibles on this humble little blog (based in Singapore, whom Mr Trump says “steals jobs from the USA”), so too the election results scroll “live” on my Facebook feed - instantaneously “connecting” the world … and as well, the election result is felt around the world. No one can ignore this.

Putting politics and my personal opinions aside (THIS is NOT that kinda blog, is it?), the question for the moment I’d like to ask instead are:

Will the value of the sold out Trump-figures RISE?

Will there be MORE Trump-themed toys and collectibles be produced post-Election?

Do you even care about the toys now?

To my friends and readers residing in the United States of America today, I can only but sincerely ask you and your loved ones to Stay Frosty, Stay Safe, and TOY-ON!