GERM s006 [PEACE F**KER] by FERG x Playge Releases Nov 14 & A Message from FERG

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GERM s006 [PEACE FUCKER] is the latest Project Squadt figure to come from FERG x Playge, with this piece now wholesaled thru Rotofugi (Interested Retailers to email “”) … but for the purposes of the general buying joe-public, the worldwide release is Monday November 14th at 9:59am Central Time for US$99 plus shipping from (Ships mid- to late-December.)

AN OPEN LETTER TO SQUADT FANS: "The last year has been a hard one for Squadt collectors, I know that. Aside from Squadt Assembly 20 in April, there just wasn’t a lot of new Squadts. There are a lot of reasons, mostly boring, but rather than talk about what could have been, I prefer to look forward and share with you the future of the brand."
END OF AN ERA: "As of now, the partnership between myself and ThreeZero has ended amicably. The end of that relationship, however, is not the end of Playge or the Squadt brand. Going forward, Squadts will be produced by a partnership between myself and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, still under the Playge umbrella.

Before we start anew though, there are two new 6” Squadts on the horizon — one “direct” release and one “retail” — plus the first regular release of the 20” Squadt, that were all produced by ThreeZero."
THE FUTURE: "We (myself and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi) are all excited about the future, but being entirely honest, we’re just getting started on this new partnership and there will likely be a fairly big delay between the release of the last stock of Squadts produced by ThreeZero and the next Squadt release. How long you ask? Again, honestly, we’re not sure. We’re hopeful to have new Squadts produced and ready to sell by Summer 2017, and, with a little luck, that will be the beginning of a new era of regular Squadt releases.

One option we are exploring, and would love some feedback on from collectors, is a Squadt Subscription. Details of exactly how such a deal would work are still a little hazy, but the gist of it is that collectors willing to subscribe would be guaranteed every “direct” release for a year (included in the cost of the subscription). This will all be handled by Rotofugi.

Once that is up and running, we hope to resume periodic “retail” releases (available at Rotofugi and other retailers) to make Squadts available to new fans and help grow the brand to guarantee it’s future…and then, if everything works out, look again at the idea of an ongoing Online Squadt Assembly where you’ll have the opportunity to build your own Squadt from a variety of seasonal accessory modules.

Again, we want to be clear….we are quite early in the planning stages. We’re optimistic, but producing toys is never as easy as it might look (and often more expensive than you’d think) and we don’t know 100% for sure where this is going just yet, but we wanted to at least let you know that we’re working behind the scenes.

Thank you for all of the support you’ve shown over the last several years and here’s to the future!


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