ROGER The Alien Ninja Bunny by CabbitQ x Dominic Qwek for #DesignerCon (Booth 1226) #CreeyHill

First time I laid my tender peepers on this (dredging thru my IG search-stream to enjoy all-things-dion), I fell in love with! Introducing “ROGER” - an alien ninja bunny designed by CabbitQ and sculpted by Dominic Qwek! The newest member in the “Creepy Hill” family, he, and other hand-painted colorways can be found in Booth 1226 in Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016), and on “the following week”.

“Roger” looks to be about the same height (or shorter) as his 4.5-inch tall comrades “Bobby” and “Clyde” in Creepy Hill, but just as lovably chubby - hey, I heart myself some chubby toys, yeh? And an "alien bunny" too? #WIN

Meanwhile, more images on @creepyhill, @cabbitq and @dominicqwek!


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