Eric So’s ESTATE & ZOMBIE ESTATE @ #ToySoul2016

"Zombie Estate" exhibition at ToySoul booth C10, C12 #toysoul2016 #zombieestate #papamamason

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Eric So’s ESTATE is one of the very few key collections in my past I had not invested time or money in - besides the sole SAM LEE first figure - and somewhat regret til this day. It was after I’d just acquired the SPIRTE SOUL quartet and some DueG 1/6th, and the notion of “urban vinyl” still moist on my toy-collecting virgin lips (I had exclusively only collected 1/6th scale before that), when he embarked on the ESTATE line - which focused on the average joes in Hong Kong life, something which alas I could not identify with, besides the “brand name” of “Eric So”.

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Funnily, for years I had even tried to sell my “Sam” (which is still MIB, although gathering some brownness pn the white of the box :p), and because of that, had chosen not to purchase his Scooter, or Sofa released later - which til today bugs me like heck - hence the figure still remains in-box, becoz why display him without his stuff????

Fast forward to today in 2016, more than a decade later, on show at Booth C10, C12 in Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18), is his entire neighbourhood, gathered in a single spot, and of the glorious mixed sizes of the figures - tall-wise, and width-wise hahaha - and of such a ground breaking series release, that I had no foresight to get in on.

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Surrounding the island display for ESTATE, is the ZOMBIE ESTATE - featuring figures last seen at Art Toy Culture 2015 in South Korea, with the denizens of said ESTATE now zombified! (Courtesy of Unbox Industries too hahaha).

Would be totally awesome to be able to see each and every one of them though! Maybe “one day”?

Like “one day” where I’ll own ALL the ESTATE figures, yah? HAH. “Thank Goodness” for the Instagrammed-Internet, because I suspect this is the closest I’ll ever get! LOL

zombie is at kln bay @sofuneric #toysoul2016

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