#FUCKAIJU a.k.a. Finest United Convention for Kaiju - Launches December 11th in Hong Kong

Finest United Convention for Kaiju” or “FUCKAIJU” for short, is an event organised by Vintage & Vinyl Club 膠易廣場, featuring Sofubi artists and their collectible creations from all over the world - exhibiting and available in a single location - in this case, to be held in 1F, Fortune Building,150-158 Lockhart Road, WanChai, Hong Kong, launching December 11th, 2016.

And while the exclusive list is exhaustively exciting - select previews of which I have serendipitously posted here (Check out their up-to-date Events Facebook Page and Instagram @fuckaiju for updates too) … meanwhile, I’ll take a closer peek at a few pieces which caught my attention too!

DEC Expo Exclusive MAGURO from Mame Moyashi, limited to 300pcs - split 50/50% between FUCKAIJU and Sofubi Shanghai Festival. This might well be the only time you’ll get to “sashimi a carp” for HK$430 (US$55 / SG$79)!

The Kingdom Come Version CHUNK is jointly produced by Unbox Industries, Jim Dreams and Kingdom Come. This particular colour scheme and tattoos were designed by Krittanach (Tae) Tumnak, and will be sold by Kingdom Come. Limited to a run of 50pcs - the first 25pcs will be available for pre-order in FUCKAIJU (*shipping date to be confirmed). The rest of the 25pcs will be available in Thailand (Date for release TBC).

Hand-painted BIG FOOT by Krittanach (Tae) Tumnak in collaboration of the figure producers Awesome Toy! With these tiger-styled figure limited to only 4 pieces, each priced add HK$888.

Eric So’s SCOURING PAD PAD see his interpretation of Spongebob Squarepants manifest in a hand-painted figure with “hair”, with the Pink Colorway released prior (and most recently seen at DesignerCon) … for FUCKAIJU, seems there’ll be a NEW colorway to make it’s debut!

(Above illustration by IG @acid_ma)
EVENT STORY: "In 1966, Marusan Toys has launched a toy line known as “Ultra Kaiju”, such soft vinyl toy line has received remarkable feedback and brought a lot of fun to children and adult. Thereafter, a lot of toy companies have produced similar toys, they have been very popular since then and even until now. Kaiju generally is defined as “beasty monster” in Japanese. Nowadays, soft vinyl Kaiju toys have generally spitted into 2 category: (a) Main Stream Traditional Kaiju (characters coming from movie, television and animation) and (b) Neo Kaiju / Designers’ Kaiju (original monsters created by designers through inspiration of Main Stream Traditional Kaiju Toys). Neo Kaiju has not only brought you the feeling and fun of old childhood monster toys but also generated a lot of new development into vinyl toys in recent years (such as new painting technic, swirl color vinyl mix, etc). This year, year 2016 is the 50th anniversary of “Kaiju” toys. "
Interview in Cantonese with No English subtitles,
but plenty of toys seen! HELLO, Brother Meng! :)
"Recently, more and more toy players and collectors have generated interests in Neo Kaiju toys. Even market is still not yet mature in Hong Kong, our shop (being one of the soft vinyl toy shops in Hong Kong) has stepped out and organized the first Kaiju theme event in Hong Kong. The event is named as “FINEST UNITED CONVENTION for KAIJU – HONG KONG 2016” (“FUCKAIJU”) and the date of the event is 11st December 2016.

We have sincerely invited artists from all over the world to participate in this event, some artists will come and some will send us their masterpiece. We will announce the details of participants and admission details shortly. Please kindly stay tuned for more announcement. (Please note that this is our first ever Toy Event, please kindly bear with us in case if there is any disarrangement.)"
(Facebook Events Page)


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Exclusive for @fuckaiju batch #4 - please don't say I haven't told you! 🎉🎉

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