GLITCH Network is featuring a line-up of characters on their Instagram @glitch, which is captioned with ”…2017 is going to be a rebirth of God Complex. Brace yourself for an avalanche of new art and storyline in the coming year.

Featuring concept and character art by Bryan Lie (IG @bryanlieart / Q&A in 2013), GOD COMPLEX characters had previously been produced as 1/6th-scaled figures (some of which I have reviewed and featured below) under “FoxBox Studio”, before the brand was folded into GLITCH (circa 2014?).

The first ever GOD COMPLEX character released in 2011 was HERMES, and current 1/6th can be had via www.glitch-store.com.

Since then, a slew of GC-characters had been unleashed in primarily 1/6th-scale, and most recently in a new “super-deformed” styled collectible: CILLIC!

Seen in the line-up above includes a “new” character - the first FEMALE to be introduced - named “Solar” (insert-right)! Perhaps affiliated to “Apollo”?

The “initial” concept of “God Complex” were the existence of beings who attributed their names and powers alluded to be the “historical gods” or lore, including Greek, Japanese and Egyptian origins. Three factions exits in the World of God Complex: “Hellenic Republic”, “Nippon” and “Imperial Order of MISR” - with each faction ruling over their own realms.

Besides the toy collectibles, GLITCH has also produced the first comicbook of God Complex - released in Popcorn 2015, and I’ll be looking forward to new incarnations to come!

(Above: ARES///GodComplex_Visual
Character and art direction by Bryan Lie
Illustration by Isuardi Therianto @ijur

You are advised to stay updated via the God Complex Facebook, and as well www.godcomplexworld.com, and of course Instagram @glitch AND Bryan Lie’s personal IG @bryanlieart!

Meanwhile, as we await further reveals, here are some of my toy-review videos to share (of the Fox Box Studio releases):

INARI from FoxBox Studio (Reviewed HERE)

HADES from Fox Box Studio

HERMES in 1/6 by Fox Box Studios (Reviewed HERE)


Daniel C. said…
Regarding "Solar"... I have a hunch that it's Amaterasu (Japanese sun goddess). If you look at her sleeves, they're reminiscent of Japanese shrine maiden robes.