Tokyo Comic Con 2016 (Dec 2-4)

The inaugural Tokyo Comic Con opened December 2nd for Preview Night (5PM-10PM), and will continue event proper from Saturday December 3rd (10AM-7PM) to Sunday 4th (10AM-6PM).

*By The ToyGawds do I miss “Preview Nights” for our local toy-con tho…

Held at the Makuhari Messe Concert Hall (CHIBA 2-1 Nakase Mihama-Ku Chiba 261-0023 /, it is a ticket entry event, with Adults at 1,800 yen (US$/SG$) and Middle & High School Students at 900 yen (US$/SG$). Further tix info on

Via my regular social media channels, we have a peek at what’s going on (most of which are based on comment captions and my amateur deductions -so apologies if my info is not 100% accurate :p). Looks to be an amazing event thus far, with most images here from Preview Night, and as well some from the event’s Facebook - ONWARDS!

日本よ、これが真のエンタメだ!! #東京コミコン #tokyocomiccon #comiccon #tokyo #japan

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Hollywood stands center stage with (all-male) Guest Stars include Jeremy Renner (“Hawkeye” from”The Avengers”), Lance Henriksen (who played the android Bishop in “Aliens”, well known in Japan), Matthew Lewis (“Neville Longbottom” in the “Harry Potter” films), and Billy Boyd (“Pippin” in “The Lord of the Rings” films)> Head onto for an interview with the man in charge of Tokyo Comic Con, Mitsuaki Munegumi.

And the marquee guest honour goes to Stan Lee, who is visiting Japan for the first time too!

Stan Lee at Tokyo Comic Con 🇯🇵 #tokyo #tokyocomiccon #stanlee

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Folks entering the event hall will be greeted by a larger-the-life mural of “Wonder Woman”, to be painted “live” by KaNO, and completed throughout the event days, courtesy of Tomenosuke!

Going hard in the paint. 🇯🇵💯

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BACK TO MY SELF #tokyocomiccon

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"Im sorry Mr. Deckard - that's not my kind of place" #bladerunner #deckard #rachel #taffeylouis #tokyocomiccon

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(Live props from “Blade Runner”, as modelled on my Datadub!)

"If your not cop - you're little people" #bladerunner #deckard #replicant #tokyocomiccon

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There is a mixture of Media represented - predominantly feature films - from classics like “Blade Runner” and “Back To The Future”, to current films, like “I AM HERO” from Japan (C'mon! How could they miss the fat obese over weight zombie??? :p). Not to be left out are pop culture-related media-fun like PSA video games for “Assassin’s Creed”.


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Relax moment

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Toy-centric booths exhibiting at Tokyo Comic Con include ToyQube (check out that Purple colorway Lucha Squid!), Uamou with the ‘Game of Sofubi’ World Tour crew, Tomenosuke (who is representing these artists/creators), Blackbook Toy (who is releasing A Clockwork Hateball & Mr.12 Editions) - who is boothing next to YAMAKICHIYA, and Unbox Industries.

There are undoubtably much more commercial toys, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more snaps of them online within the weekend :)

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Tomenosuke 2day Open #tokyocomiccon #tomenosuke

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Tokyo Comic Con booth setup done!! Come find us at P-7 with guys over at @yamakichiya . Preview night would open from 5pm!!

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And not to be left out of fun, is the “first live concert in Japan” by IA for PARTY A GOGO. “IA” is a virtual artist born from VOCALOID™, so time for some hologram fun?