Tomenosuke @ #TokyoComicCon 2016

Tomenosuke at the inaugural Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4) is a powerhouse filled with art toys and swish customs, from as diverse a roster of toy makers and artists, including Tokyo Jesus & Eimi Takano, DOT and Kto Kto from Japan, SHON and Banana Virus from Taiwan, Drilone from USA! And as well KaNO is on hand to do a wonder Woman mural “live”, and there’s even an exclusive colorway of The Astronaut to be had from Alex Pardee x ToyQube!

Not to mention the Blaster from Bladerunner that is causing much drooling (on my Facebook posting haha), including that matchbox blaster kit! OMG #NEED (Won’t be surprised if it was 1/6th-scaled tho, because that would be AWESOME lol). What an awesome spread for their 10th Anniversary celebrations too!

Also scroll down for more pics of the booth on site (with images courtesy of Miyuki Hatakeyama!).


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