#WonderWoman Mural by KaNO for #TokyoComicCon 2016

Started December 2nd on Preview Night of Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4), THIS is the result of KaNO’s “Wonder Woman” mural (as of the end of Day 1), painted “live” during the event, and you can scroll down to peep the progress :)

KaNO hd been hosted by Tomenosuke specifically for this inaugural convention! Featured up top is the time-lapse video for kaNO's live painting mural performance @ Tokyo Comic Con!
"kaNO, thank you for your fantastic artwork. What you created at this Tokyo Comic Con will remain as a big and beautiful memory. Thank you, Moto, for volunteering to be interpreter and assistant, and spending more than 20 hours with kaNO to finish it all. Mikio, your documentary video is just perfect! And thank you, Mr. Ochiai, Mr. Kiuchi, for your tremendous efforts in installing this huge canvas. And I deeply thank Mr. Oishi an organizer and all the sponsors for giving us this wonderful opportunity." - shared Shinji Nakako for Tomenosuke.

Going hard in the paint. 🇯🇵💯

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Watching @kanokid paint live at #tokyocomiccon

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Nicely done by @kanokid !!! #tokyo #tokyocomiccon #makuharimesse #wonderwoman

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