“AOMORI-KEN” by Yoshitomo Nara for 10th Anniversary of Aomori Museum of Art

Housed in the Aomori Museum of Art in Japan, is a 8.5 meter tall white dog concrete sculpt created by Yoshitomo Nara (who himself is an artist from the Aomori prefecture / TAGGED #onTOYSREVIL), named ”Aomori-ken” (above pic by Tohoku Tourism), and is one of the permanent sculptures in the museum.

Now, ”Aomori-ken” has ventured beyond the museum grounds, and is poised to take a serene rest on your desktop as a coin bank!

Produced by Linden, the 19.3cm tall soft vinyl (PVC) ”Aomori-ken” was released on December 23rd, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Aomori Museum of Art - in the color WHITE.

SRP of this is 4,500 YEN (approx. US$39 / SG$56), with no specific “quantity” mentioned. Prices might vary via other sources as well tho, especially since the Aomori Shop Facebook (info via) has since mentioned they are “sold out” in-store (*gasp*), but with a “new” colorway to be released in 2017 … looks to be the “Baby Blue”!

Folks in Singapore are sorted, with availability via our fav Ozzo Collection in China Square Central - who caters to walk-in customers only tho. You KNOW you want it! I know I DO!