CYBOT AVENGERS by Buzzard Guts for Feb 24th Release!

“CYBOT AVENGERS” is the latest bootleg fan art resin toy from Buzzard Guts and DAMarx toys - featuring a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up that uses Kenners 1977 protocol droids as a base for popular Marvel characters! Utter cool, as I’d imagine Ultron has created his own versions of mechanoid-Avengers!

These resin figures stand 3.75" tall and are hand cast and hand painted by DAM and mounted on a sturdy 6"x9" cardback with illustrations by Ryan Winn (*one of the creators of Valiant comics). Each card features a homage to classic Marvel comic covers by Jack Kirby, Bob Layton and Todd McFarlane - which is an awesome touch, IMHO!

There are 4 figures in the set. The Cybot Avengers features C3-PO as Iron Man and the Captain, while RA-7(death star droid) mutates into Hulk and Spidey. (Star Wars fans might reference Cybot Galactica, the company responsible for manufacturing these protocol droid models.)

This 1st edition series is limited to 20 figures being 5 of each or 5 sets. Dropping exclusively at on Friday February 24th at 7pm eastern standard. They are US$40 each, or US$150 for the set (*Save $10 when you buy the set) … can you bear to “tear” the team apart? :p

ABOUT: "A little bit about buzzard guts. We produce resin action figures in small run editions. Appropriating factory made production toy parts and assimilating various pop culture icons to create a fan homage or a strange multi-dimensional version of an alternate reality. Sometimes referred to as "bootlegs", these art toys are conceived, hand made and painted by DAM featuring collaborative illustrations by various artist including Neil Devlin of Last Boss Comics, who illustrated packaging art for the Riot Scum series which features various gender bender Star Wars characters in a punk band. The series had exclusive releases through Dke toys at DesignerCon, New York Comic Con and most recently at the Clutter Gallery Inaction Figure 5 exhibition.

Other past Buzzard Guts collaborators include Moctoys, Randy Walker, Klon Waldrip, Michael Shantz, Scott Stripling, and Reis O'Brien."


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