Daniel Yu Hand-paints B.C.Blasters & They Are Insane-Awesome!

I heart me some B.C. Blasters by James Groman (produced by Toy Art Gallery) and I’ve only just said so too! But to see them being hand-painted up like this, shows the “true potential” of the figures - so far seen mostly in production single colorways - which I’d never expect to see (altho I have imagined it, thanks), thanks to Daniel Yu!

Done as a “private commission” for a collector, the depth of hue and tone on these @macsorro-sculpted pieces, are indeed Insane-Awesome! Check out a close-up video-clip (featured below) of one of the pieces!

I won’t be surprised to see more updates of these pieces on Daniel’s Instagram @thedanielyu, so stay connected!

And of course, feel free to go bug Daniel for commissions (by emailing “info[at]thedanielyu.com”).

Chameleon colours! Having a blast painting up these bc blasters by @jgroman60 and @toyartgallery.

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