FUDOG Dunnies by Silvia Tampi

Indonesia-based customiser Silvia Tampi shares with us snaps of her latest Dunny customs - a pair of FUDOGs!

Made from 3" tall Dunny, including scratch-made “lotus base” makes this schweet custom each standing approx. around 6" total.

Alas they have since been listed as “Booked” (at time of this post). Nevertheless you could commission her via DM/PM her on Instagram @silviliciouss and/or facebook.com/Silvia.Tampiii - and tell her TOYSREVIL SENT YOU! :)

FuDog is a Chinese Guardian Lion.
A symbol of Power and Protection.
Blessing and Prosperity
Balance, Harmony, and Completeness.

(Cheers for the headsup, Silvia)


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