Tokidoki's #sushicars4thewin Instagram Contest Ends March 14th

Am I too late for #sushicars4thewin ? :p #sushicars by #tokidoki #toylife

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Took a couple toy-snaps for my Sushi Cars from Tokidoki (WHAT) for an online Instagram contest to win prints!

The IG Contest in question ends March 14th, whereby submissions of images has to be taken between March 1st to 14th. Remember to hashtag “#sushicars4thewin” in your photos’ caption to take part! Don’t forget to Follow @tokidokibrand on Instagram tho!

You stand a chance to win a custom 20x20 signed Sushi Cars giclée print! Simone Legno will pick the top 10 finalist and YOU, the fans, will choose the winner!

@tokidokibrand's #SushiCars with my Saturday breakfast #toylife #sushicars4thewin

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And while I am not deluded to think I even stand a sliver of a chance to be nominated (have you seen the entries???), it’s always fun to take toy-snaps, and especially more fun if you do it for a “purpose” (I know because whenever I ask folks to submit snaps without a chance to win anything, not everyone would bother, but for the hardcore GEMS, I say! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE lol) …THAT, and because I have not stopped thinking about them Sushi Cars since purchasing and opening them up … I WANT MORE SUSHI CARS! Damn you “Poverty”, DAMN YOU!