Taking a sip from a cuppa JIANGSHI: PUTREFACTION from Chunkee Studios

Want a sip? I’d highly NOT recommend that, folks! As a “beverage”, it perhaps might not exactly please your taste-palettes, but as a unique collectible? It is ON-POINT DOPE!

From Costa Rica-based Chunkee Studios come JIANGSHI: PUTREFACTION = A Resin collectible sculpt of a Jiangshi head, “floating” amidst a “magical pond” now transported into a porcelain Chinese white with blue accented tea cup, a yellow strip of talisman on said-cup for safety - keeping the undead mired in water, or else once removed, it might jump up at you!

A heap dose of Chinese/Oriental mysticism and superstition lore always helps the inspiration juices flowing and coursing thru, IMHO - coupled with a schweet sculpt by JOhnny (www.cheungkinmen.com / Instagram @cheungkinmen / facebook.com/johnny.cheungkinmen)? A real “Art In A Tea Cup” to be sure!

"The Jiangshi was left to rot on a dirty but magical pond by a famous vampire hunter by the name of Leung Ming. After the capture he proceeded to apply a powerful seal to keep him from coming alive. Should someone remove the seal, the Jiangshi would wake up from it's deep slumber forcing Leung Ming to come out of retirement to hunt one more time..."
The tea-cup is 1:1 scaled, with this non-articulated soaked-serene-undead vampire comes in a lux package of a wooden box, a draw-string bag with embroidered art and coined ends, complete with a tailored fabric talisman, with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity in the box-lid.

Limited to only 28 pieces, JIANGSHI PUTREFACTION can be purchased online here for US$295.00.

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And if you are wondering what “Putrefaction” meant;
”Putrefaction” is the fifth stage of death, following pallor mortis, algor mortis, rigor mortis, and livor mortis. This process references the breaking down of a body of a human or animal post mortem (meaning after death). In broad terms, it can be viewed as the decomposition of proteins, and the eventual breakdown of the cohesiveness between tissues, and the liquefaction of most organs. This is caused by the decomposition of organic matter by bacterial or fungal digestion, which causes the release of gases that infiltrate the body's tissues, and leads to the deterioration of the tissues and organs." (Wiki)

(Thanks for the epicness, Johnny!)