"Friends with the Animals (And Other Tales From An Anthropomorphized World)” @ GR2 (Opening April 8.2017)

Opening Saturday April 8th at Giant Robot / GR2 is the group art show “Friends with the Animals (And Other Tales From An Anthropomorphized World)”. Curated by Luke Chueh, this exhibition will feature artists who will anthropomorphize animals in exuberant settings.

Scroll thru for a peek at previews thus far (and more via Instagram @lukechueh as he reveals more leading to the show launch), and RSVP on the Events Facebook page. The show exhibits thru April 26th, 2017.

"Artists in the exhibition include: Jessicka Addams, Erik Alos, Anthony Ausgang, Matthew Bone, Ca Cooca, Sean Chao, Luke Chueh, Steven Daily, Camilla d’Errico, McKenzie Fisk, Alessandro Gallo, Moira Hahn, Naoto Hattori, Mari Inukai, Jeremiah Ketner, KMNDZ, Kozyndan, Travis Lampe, Travis Louie, Dan May, Liz McGrath, Mayuko Nakamura, Lou Pimentel, Kano, Kukula, Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak, Jermaine Rogers, Amy Sol, Allison Sommers, Katsuya Terada, Scott Tolleson, Yosuke Ueno, Turtle Wayne, Kaa Yeo, Jesse J*ryu Yu, and more!" (Facebook Events)
WIPs by @seanchaochao

Micro forest scene work in progress

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WIPs by @moirahahnart

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