GRIMEBRUTE by Gorgoloid Now On Kickstarter

Gorgoloid sends word that he had started a Kickstarter project to help raise funds for his first soft vinyl figure!

With a chainsaw for a right-hand (“Ash” would be so proud), and spiked knuckle-duster on the left, this bruised bruiser looks set to tackle all other creations in the same toy-genre!

A basic pledge goal of US$5,600 by Sunday May 7th, 2017 needs to be funded for this 9-inch tall figure to go thru. Check out this link on for more on how you can get involved!

"This project has been created to help raise funds for Gorgoloids first soft vinyl figure. After collaborating with Awesome Toy to produce the Fiji Mermaid vinyl figure, I was inspired to produce my own standard sized soft vinyl toy line from the sculpts I have created. The first figure in the line up is my homage to the horror genre: Grimebrute!

The Grimebrute sculpt stands at just over 9'' tall (23 cm) with 6 points of articulation. I have finished the sculpt and the resin master copy which now waits at the factory for the green light to produce the wax and molds!

Grimebrute is a horror art toy that is an amalgamation of numerous monstrosities and tragic characters from cinema that has inspired and influenced my own art. It is an homage to our childhoods and the stories we saw and heard. Influences from Japanese tokusatsu films, American horror, b-movies, and cult cinema percolate from the form."

New sculpt, new project! Grimebrute info coming soon!

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