New Colorways of "Space Dog" by Han Ning of 6HL6 available now for pre-orders

"Spring rain falls on light green buds, everything is gone green, vegetations sprout, a new chapter of this world would begin over again! "

China-based toy artist Han Ning - of art life brand 6HL6 - shares with TOYSREVIL news of his latest version "Space Dog" (WHAT) available in “Chun yu” (meaning; “rain in spring”) and “Ya zi(meaning; “bud”). Each colorway is limited to 300pc, currently on pre-order, with an estimated delivery circa early-May, 2017.

Material: PC &PVC
Chun Yu (mint green) size: 5 × 3 × 5cm
Ya zi (apple green) size: 5 × 3 × 5cm
Price: US$33 each
Pre-order price: US$28.60 each
*(each color limited pre-order 100 pieces ,cut-off date is 2nd, May 2017)

Availability via “Taobao” online shop only supports buyers in China. All other international buyers are able to purchase through Paypal (at “”), or email direct to to submit purchase info.

HAN NING SHARES: "In order to improve the quality and efficiency of works , I made a decision on using a more stable production technique and materials . Such as their space covers use high definition, non-toxic, tasteless,and impact resistant technique ,as a result the production cost increase as well , so I have to raise the price and hope everyone can know about that.

Chun yu and Ya zi are selected as the third group members by 6HL6 to explore strange planet . Chun yu is not only have careful thinking but also proficient in multi earth's languages and a small amount of universe’s languages, she is able to assist space boy and other space dogs in the following discovery journey.

Ya zi has gentle character ,she owns the ability which is higher than the average persons’ to identify plants and even organisms, this ability to help the space families find unknown speciese and biological security. You go ,girls. Good luck!"