UNIQLO Presents: The KAWS x PEANUTS Collection - Launches April 28

After the Easter-weekend “drama” between KAWS and Jason Freeny, here’s a look at “The KAWS x PEANUTS Collection” from UNIQLO - featuring KAWS’ “take” on Snoppy and gang (“X”-eyes and all) with their apparel & lifestyle available from April 28th - including this “KAWS X PEANUTS TOY” (essentially “plush”), available in two sizes; “S” (H 10 1/2 inch x W 4 3/4 inch @ US$19.90), and “M” (H 21 1/2 inch x W 8 1/4 inch @ US$39.90). Wouldn’t be long for bootlegs to be had (LIKE THESE), methinks!

This is the return of KAWS’ appropriation of “Snoopy”, with “Joe Kaws” and “Woodstock” vinyl figures released from 2011/12, and even Snoopy Ceramic from the Medicom Toy x OriginalFake-days.

This obviously appeals to folks, as the concept is given a new lease of ‘commercial life’ yet again!

(Above: Snoopy & Woodstock vinyls from 2011/2012
Below: New collection from UNIQLO to release April 28, 2017)