VANTASTIC BOOGIE Collectible Art Bust by VaNess Wu x VTSS Toys Available Now For Pre-orders

VTSS Toys has just announced the pre-orders for their "VANTASTIC BOOGIE Collectible Art Bust" (last featured HERE) has since started, with this 7.5 inch tall bust priced at US$75 (Free Shipping Worldwide) available to purchase here, for a ship-out beginning end of May 2017.

""VANTASTIC BOOGIE Collectible Art Bust" is the first joint project collaborated by fashion icon @vannesswu 吳建豪 and VTSS.

This project was inspired from Van Ness's music album, #MWHYB (音樂不羈) title track “Boogie不羈”, released in December 2016 all throughout Asia. The albums overall packaging musically and visually generated an immense response, thus leading to the creation of "VANTASTIC BOOGIE". "VANTASTIC BOOGIE" was created by Van Ness for the music video and represents the fun loving high energy persona in all of us! Van Ness and VTSS have successfully transformed this unique dancing superhero fashion trend into a high quality, low-poly art bust with classic aerodynamic lines and detailing consistent with the “break away” concept in the original album.
VTSS remains committed to the supremacy of every production. The Golden Helmet on "VANTASTIC BOOGIE Collectible Art Bust" is presented with special micro spraying technology, preserving all the detail from its authentic design. "VANTASTIC BOOGIE Collectible Art Bust" is truly a distinctive piece of art worth owning."

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