Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura @ #ThailandToyExpo 2017

Brining a slice of home-made low-brow Art Americana aesthetics and indie-resin sculpts to the "Land of Smiles", Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura are both physically in Bangkok for this week’s Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-7, 2017), with the following goodies up for grabs! As well scroll down for more peeks at a booth video “tour” and MORE surprises!

- Glow in the dark CHESHIRE CAT, priced at US$90 in a limited run of 25pcs.
- WHITE PACHYDERM priced at US$40 each, limited run of 25pcs.
- CAROUSEL GNARWHAL are limited to 25pcs, each priced at US$40.
- TEENY LIONS are meant to be “given away”, but I reckon you need to be THERE to score one somehow! LOL
- Bwana Spoons’ “RANDALL” customised by Amanda Visell, in a run of only 5pcs! (No prices mentioned).

I customized 5 of @bananapoons Randall's for #thailandtoyexpo also I just had a Thai iced tea and now I feel like superman/a rabbit on meth

Our teeny tiny army. @thailandtoyexpo

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Amanda Visell added: "If you cant come and you wanna know about leftovers, I will send an email out with more info later. If you cant come and youre worried about your current order. Yes, we are still working on it. You are not lost!"

#thailandtoyexpo ✈️😴

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Good vibes on @michellevaligura #thailandtoyexpo

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