Huck Gee for #FivePointsFestival 2017

Huck Gee brings the #GoldLife and More to the coming weekend’s Five Points Festival (May 20-21, 2017) - starting with the 8-inch tall vinyl SOUL COLLECTOR in GOLD Edition, specifically for this event! (*The full color 8" version will be available direct from Mighty Jaxx on May 20th).

Available via the Mighty Jaxx booth, where Huck will be doing signings alongside Jason Freeny. Updates when prices are revealed.

”Shadows emerge from the depths as a portal opens between our world and the dark realms. They move swiftly and stealthily in the absence of light, the true reason behind their arrival remains unknown…”

The GOLDEN CLAW SHADOW Edition is currently available to order on at US$30 (product ships 3rd quarter 2017). First launched at Thailand Toy Expo, this 4” tall PVC Art Collectible will be making it’s way to 5Points via the Mighty Jaxx booth, in limited quantities!

SKLFKR” will be on display at the Clutter booth all weekend with a raffle to win the first production pull (Read More HERE). Check out more photos of it's build and assembly over on Instagram @huckgee.

UPDATED: Seen @ Five Points Fest!


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Now happening!

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