ICY GRAPE BACKPACK & RIOT BLUE WAR MOUSE: Collectibles from Pardee & Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx for May 6th Release

With Mighty Jaxx representing in Thailand Toy Expo (May 4-7, 2017 / WHAT) and even Art Toy Culture (with “Vomit Kid”!) - on the online front, they’ve been busy prepping to release TWO collectibles this Saturday May 6th on www.mightyjaxx.com: ICY GRAPE BACKPACK and RIOT BLUE WAR MOUSE!

Alex Pardee’s ICY GRAPE BACKPACK sees a new colorway to “Back & Pack” - a third colorway, actually (after Original and Invisible Edition) - with this 8.5" tall holystone art collectible in edition of (150pcs), each priced at US$120.
"Determined with obtaining this precious Grape Of Wrath, Back & Pack had to get to the highest peak in the land of YUX while braving a severe ice storm. As they were approaching the summit, the temperature plummeted, causing their skin to crack and turn an awful shade of blue."

The “War Mouse” series by Singapore-based visual engineer Clogtwo returns for its last and final strike with the “Riot Blue edition” (after Original and Pitch Black Editions), with this 10.24" tall Vinyl Art Collectible priced at US$100, and limited to an edition of 150pcs.