"Inappropriation" by Jason Freeny - The Completion of Dissecting A KAWS Companion #notacollaboration

And while the “dialog” might either have subsided (for the recent Easter weekend toy-drama), or raging forth (depends on where you are online … I wouldn’t know otherwise :p), toy artist Jason Freeny continues forth with his exploration into the “anatomical dissection” of a KAWS Companion figure, and brings it to it’s completion, AND shares his process online on Facebook!

With the name of this project aptly titled “Inappropriation” - this non-collaborative project NOT involving KAWS (besides the purchasing of his recent “Open Edition” vinyl figure for purposes of this one-off project - a full figure, btw) see the figure finished in basic white and an interesting “human skin”-colored internal skeleton and pastel-colored organs … now THIS would make an exceptional production piece, indeed!

Feel free to opine on the TOYSREVIL-Facebook post HERE (*Sorry but I still haven't been able to figure out how to solve my blog-comments :p).

"I don't do customs on pieces that I don't like. The KAWS companion is beautifully designed. Regardless of its original appropriation the simple shapes and subtle curves have been beautifully delineated by KAWS. My hats off to him for a gorgeous character. Moving onto my next piece.” - shared Jason Freeny (rather classily, I have to say).