“LOGAN The Tree Stump Kid” by Gary Ham x Ryan Rutherford for #FivePointsFestival

Noticed this lil’guy since featuring it in an earlier post, and am glad to share information of being made available at the coming weekend’s Five Points Festival (May 20-21, 2017) - with “LOGAN THE TREE STUMP KID” being rotocasted ON THE SPOT by Ryan Rutherford at booth #131!

Designed by Gary Ham, a total of three colorways of this (3.5” tall x 5” wide) resin dude can be had, with WHITE priced at US$30 each (*and made available to non attendees), while the BLUE/ORANGE are US$35 each. ”Molds will be broken after event.”

I’d advice you to stay connected to both gentlemen’s Instagrams @bryanbrutherford + @garyham for further updates and enquiries!

(The carved heart at Logan's back is adorable)

Pop top and plant. @bryanbrutherford #logan #fivepointsfestival

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Pop the top, pencil plop! @bryanbrutherford #logan #fivepointsfest

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UPDATED: All images hereafter as seen at Five Points Fest on May 20-21st

@garyham has the coolest gang #dunny #designertoy #logan #fivepointsfest #kidrobot #rotocast #vinyltoy

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@bryanbrutherford and @garyham making fun stuff at #fivepointsfest @fivepointsfest

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Now we're just getting crazy @fivepointsfest

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