PIQ Artists @ #FivePointsFestival 2017 : Sugar Fueled, Zard Apuya & Barrett Biggers

PIQ, the NYC based designer toy, collectables, and gift retailer brings a fresh roster of artists and designers to Five Points Festival (May 20-21, 2017) this weekend. Michael Banks of Sugar Fueled will be signing, lay your eyes and hands on customs by Zard Apuya, and there’ll be “fresh” Barrett Biggers top be had!

ABOUT SUGAR FUELED: Pop painter Michael Banks takes the cute dial to eleven with his big eyed animal portraits, then cuts it with a pinch of sadness. Combining vintage inspiration and his own obsession with all things sugary, he creates prints, pins, comics, and custom artwork that are irresistible. At Five Points Michael will unveil a new print. In “Starry Eyed (seen above-right) - an intergalactic kitten floats in zero gravity wondering if ice-cream is a liquid or gas with no way to judge if the cherry is on top.

ABOUT ZARD APUYA: Zard Apuya never met a snack he didn't like, and most he found inspiring. Specializing in custom Dunnys and Munnys, he transforms the foods we all love into figures using his signature " good enough to eat" style. For PIQ @ Five Points Zard created fifteen customs combining his realistic snack food style with pop culture references, from Sponge Bob riding a cheeseburger and to Eleven clutching Eggos Munnys, to Adventuretime Dunnys hitting a super snack burrito.
"These pieces are the first time I have included both pop culture characters with iconic food from their respective TV shows or movies. I have made some previous customs where the main design is made to look like food itself, but you can clearly see the pop culture reference." - Zard Apuya (See more of his work on Instagram @zardapuya).

ABOUT BARRETT BIGGERS: Barrett Biggers calls himself the People's Geek Artist. Combining classical art styles and vintage illustration techniques, his drive is to make digital look more traditional focusing on emotion and texture. His influences run from classic film and games to amine and manga.

He created a new digital painting for Five Points inspired by the host city and it's most famous cinematic ape, “The King of New York” (image below). Barrett is a co-founder of KoLabs Creative Group and a resident artist at PIQ Orlando.

(Cheers for the headsup, Dan)