SOLD OUT at #FivePointsFestival 2017 (As of Day One)

Sorry (#notsorry), but I just HAD to do up a picture-blogpost showcasing the SOLD OUT status of some items to be had on Day One of the inaugural Five Points Festival!

“Day Two” happens May 21st, so make sure your WANTS-LIST do not get Sold Out before you snag them!

FIVE POINTS初日が終了!初出店にも関わらず、朝から大変多くのお客様に2時間以上お並び頂き完売商品が相次ぐ大盛況の結果となりました。明日は1時より抽選商品の販売を開始させて頂きます。ご来場を心よりお待ち申し上げます。 The first day of Five Points has ended! As the first time for us in New York, there were a lot of customers lining up at our booth for more than 2 hours in the morning. We had a really great sale and most of items have been sold out. We will have the lottery sale tomorrow, start at 13:00. Please come and join us. 第一天的Five Points已經結束了!雖然是第一次的出展,早上有很多客戶排隊,在兩個小時內有很多商品都賣光了。明天下午一點在我們展位有抽選活動,我們期待您的參與。 #FIVEPOINTS #NEWYORK #EVENT #INSTINCTOY #インスティンクトイ #DTA #DesinerToyAwords #sofvitokyo

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thankyou soldout!

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Thank you. sold out!! #punkdrunkers #sofubi #fivepointsfestival

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Thank You!

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P/S: I am sure there are tons more that are “Sold Out” (Congrats to you folk!!!!), but not all have been stated as such tho, so GOOD LUCK in your toy-hunt(s), people!