3A Toys’ US Venture Epilogue Opening Party in San Diego & Geof Darrow In The Artist Line-Up!

"You are cordially invited to attend US Venture Epilogue Opening Reception located at Sparks Gallery in San Diego on Wednesday, July 19th from 4pm-8pm."
US Venture Epilogue Celebrates nearly a decades worth of ThreeA's subversive culture of Art, Toys, and Sculpture! Featuring the art of Ashley Wood, Siuyin, Syd Bee, William Wray, Geof Darrow, and Paul Pope. For more details please visit US Venture Epilogue section of WO3A.com.

And yes, you read that right! Illustrator GEOF DARROW is in the line-up! I’ve been a huge fan for yeaaaars, starting with HARD BOILED (PEEP on Facebook), his comicbooks and work with THE MATRIX films, leading up to his creator-owned SHAOLIN COWBOY, I’ll be utterly JAZZED to see what he has in-store for US Venture Epilogue!

My nerd-brain is ready to explode if he illustrated the universe of ThreeA tho!

"Geof Darrow is an American comic book artist, designer, and creator known for Hard Boiled, Big Guy and Rusty, and The Shaolin Cowboy. His works are celebrated for their trademark ultra violence, irony, and meticulous level of detail. Darrow studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine art and has worked as a character designer for several animated series. Darrow collaborated with the Wachowskis on The Matrix film series and Speed Racer as Conceptual Designer. Darrow works with the Legislative Drafting Institute for Child Protection in association with child advocate and author Andrew Vachss ."
Location Details:
July 19th - 23rd
Sparks Gallery
530 Sixth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101