FEELINGS Collection by OHM x Taylored Curiosities

”The Feelings are monster emotions designed to work as talismans.
Whisper your worries to them and feel the tension ease.
A problem shared is a problem halved.”

Taylored Curiosities’ “My Feelings’ characters are continuing to evolve and have just been released as silver beads. Available here on ohmbeads.com, scroll thru for more snaps and words!
"Ohm Beads have collaborated with me to create Anxiety, Worry, Fretful-nag and Self-conscious as tiny, silver charms that fit all of the charm bracelet types (Pandora, Troll Beads etc). The 4 characters can be purchased alone (each set comes in packaging that I designed and is accompanied by a booklet with my illustrations in and an explanation about how this character supports mental health awareness).

A full set can also be bought. This includes all 4 character beads and a limited edition Worry plush (complete with lavender, just like my normal grey Worry's). It's really exciting to see my creations in this form. Each has a silver marker and a tiny TC logo on the back."
- shared Penny of Taylored Curiosities.