1000toys Introduces Clear Synthetic Human & 1/6 Duke for #SDCC2017

*Item description & availability details in image captions below:

<<Update!!>> Only a few hours until doors open for Preview Night of SDCC, so here's a final update on where to look for us and our products! This year, 1000toys will be at San Diego Comic-Con at two locations in the Indie Toy area. Check out BAIT (BOOTH #5146) for 1/6 scale releases and 3D Retro (BOOTH #5250) for 1/12 scale releases. 1)BAIT (BOOTH #5146) will feature the following 1/6 scale products. ・1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Clear SRP : $125 ・Bait x G.I. Joe x Alpha x 1000toys 1/6 Duke Action Figure SRP : $230 SDCC will be the first time 1/6 Duke and the 1/6 Synthetic Human Clear will be made available. 2)3D Retro (BOOTH #5250) will feature the following 1/12 scale products. ・1/12 scale Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Clear SRP : $65 ・1/12 scale Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human (Standard Version) SRP : $65 ・1/12 Collared and Reprogrammed Body(CaRB) SRP : $65 Just remember to go to BAIT (BOOTH #5146) for 1/6 and 3D Retro (BOOTH #5250) for 1/12, and you'll be ok! We look forward to seeing all our fans and friends at SDCC!!! #1000toys #sdcc #sdcc2017 #synthetichuman #gijoe #toa

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