Horrible Adorables’ “MATRIARCHY” Solo Show launched July 7th @ Stranger Factory (Exhibits thru July 30.2017)

“MATRIARCHY” is the name of Horrible Adorables’ solo show @ Stranger Factory (in Project Room) launched July 7th. Scroll thru for a select few images of the gallery show, and head to circusposterus.com now to view artwork available for your purchasing pleasures!

I am utterly enjoying the theme for this show - where previous releases focused on the creatures themselves - this time the creatures are part of a eco-system created to represent “Matriarchy” of “Royalty”, giving said creatures a further depth in their “character(s)”, besides their material make, IMHO.

Horrible Adoribles’ “MATRIARCHY” is exhibiting alongside Lana Crook’s “A MEMORY”, and exhibits thru July 30, 2017

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Horrible Adorables "Matriarchy" now showing at #StrangerFactory #abqnobhill

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Matriarchy from @horrible_adorables now open @strangerfactory 👑

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A few of the pieces available in today's online sale from Horrible Adorables' "Matriarchy"! We will begin accepting online purchase inquiries at 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time on Monday, July 10. All inquiries must be emailed to strangerfactorysales@gmail.com When emailing please include the title/ price and artist name of each piece you are interested in. If you are interested in several pieces, please put them in order of priority. ***Please specify if you would like to purchase more than one piece. Please include a mailing address and phone number you can be reached at if we have any questions (for US and Canada only) if possible. See the entire show and more info on how to order today at http://www.circusposterus.com/product-category/current-exhibition/

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"Horrible Adorables current body of work depicts matriarchal societies in the form of anthropomorphized creatures. It shows the social dynamics between royalty and their subjects; from those loyally serving their ruler to the fate of doomed queens after a revolt. Our hybrid creature interpretations are loosely based on matriarchies in the animal kingdom, where females reign supreme."

"Matriarch" by #HorribleAdorables opens Friday, from 6-9pm at #StrangerFactory #abqnobhill

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ARTIST BIOS: "Horrible Adorables are the creations of Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees; a wife and husband team from Cleveland, Ohio. They met at the Cleveland Institute of Art where Jordan graduated with her BFA in Fiber & Material Studies, and Chris was pursuing training in fine arts after completing his BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Jordan and Chris bring their soft sculptures to life by meticulously arranging patterns of felt scales onto hard carved forms. The resulting characters have qualities that are both cartoonish and eerily realistic at the same time. Horrible Adorables are strange hybrid creatures from a fantastical word. Their facial expressions and postures reveal recognizably human emotions as they interact with one another. Horrible Adorables can be found online and at indie craft fairs, galleries, and boutiques across the globe.

In addition to Horrible Adorables, Jordan also works as a freelance toy and textile designer. She has proudly worked for companies such as Little Tikes, Hasbro and Joann Fabrics."