Introducing “Cherry Tree” Edition & Erosion Molly by Kenny Wong x INSTINCTOY at Wonder Festival (July 30)

INSTINCTOY has just revealed their next colorway of “EROSION MOLLY” with the sweet “Cherry Tree” Edition being their 5th colorway made with Hong Kong designer Kenny Wong!

In addition to the previously revealed colorways (at the recent Thailand Toy Expo), ALL 5 EDITIONS (3 x full colors + 2 x Blank colors) will be made available at the coming Wonder Festival, at Makuhari Messe on 30th July (Sunday)! … Unsure if it also includes the MINI Erosion Molly too tho… :)

Updates when I have them! Meanwhile, MORE PICTURES!

日本の皆様大変お待たせしました!! 夏のワンフェスにてKENNYSWORK × INSTINCTOY『EROSION MOLLY』�全色(5種)一挙に発売です。 国内メーカーなのに、タイミング的にいつも海外イベント先行ばかりで申し訳ありません。KING KORPSE”Yeti”をはじめ夏のワンフェスでは豊富な種類のINSTINCTOY商品を準備中です。発売に関する詳細は来週中にBLOGで告知予定ですのでどうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 (※海外からご来場のお客様も勿論、歓迎致します。) ___________________________ All 5 colorways of the KENNYSWORK × INSTINCTOY『EROSION MOLLY』 will be available at Wonder Festival. At the upcoming summer Wonder Festival, we will launch the KING KORPSE ”YETI”. Many other abundant INSTINCTOY products will be available there as well. For more information about the sales, please wait for the blog which will be updated next week. Please look forward to it. ___________________________ KENNYSWORK × INSTINCTOY『EROSION MOLLY』全部配色(5種)將在Wonder Festival夏展一齊發售. 在這次的Wonder Festival夏展中, 有KING KORPSE ”YETI”及更多豐富的INSTINCTOY作品都在準備中. 關於販售的資訊請等待下週的網誌, 敬請期待. #EROSIONMOLLY #MOLLY #CherryTree #Fantasia #Cherry Tree #KENNYSWORK #INSTINCTOY #インスティンクトイ #MONSTERTAIPEI #モンスター台北 #蓄光素体 #白素体

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