Kidrobot Releases Andy Warhol Dunnys: Series 2 Blind Box + 8" Masterpiece TV Dunny

Released is the second series of “Andy Warhol 3" Dunny Blind Box Mini Series” by Kidrobot, along with a “Andy Warhol 8" Masterpiece TV Dunny” - priced at US$11.99 (per blind box pull) and US$250, respectively. Wow - pretty heavy investment on a 8" Dunny tho, IMHO ... the price of "15 minutes of (Plastic) Fame", perhaps?

14 (regular) designs to collect in the 3” Dunny series, with KR touting ”The first 65 people to purchase 24 units get a limited edition 3" Andy Warhol Dunny Gift with Purchase.” Besides, you could check in with your fav retailers for availability - such as (who has provided folks with a handy debating video), and our fav plastic crack dealer in Singapore: Ozzo Collections @ China Square Central!

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Andy Warhol 8" Masterpiece TV Dunny: "“In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” Perhaps the most iconic quote attributed to Andy Warhol has now been immortalized on an 8” Dunny. The next in line in the Warhol Masterpiece collection, the Andy Warhol Masterpiece 8” TV Dunny features a test pattern for a TV screen and the quote for which Andy is most famous for on the back. Coming in a flocked window box with a magnetic flap and limited and numbered to 500 pieces worldwide, this piece is a must have for any Warhol collector!"

Kidrobot x Andy Warhol 3" Dunny Blind Box Mini Series 2.0

Watch Kidrobot x Andy Warhol 3" Dunny Blind Box Mini Series 2.0 Now!!! Collect the Mini Series now at and in retailers worldwide!

Posted by Kidrobot on Friday, June 30, 2017