Mame Moyashi Zoo: HATTORI TARO by Mame Moyashi Now On Pre-order

Mame Moyashi has ventured beyond offering toy-collectors their “seafood”-themed range of kaiju, and had started a new line of “humans-meet-animals”, titled “Mame Mayoshi Zoo” with the first character figure “HATTORI TARO” up for pre-orders via designated retailers (see handy chart below for your purchasing considerations), for a November 2017 ETA.

Designed by Kenny Hui, Ozzo Collections in Singapore has it priced at SG$90 per vinyl figure (Call 6535 0321 to pre-order). Overweight dude dressed up as a cat for “Likes”? = #iLIKE LOL

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WHO-IS: "Human being makes use of animals to conceal their evil inner-self, for example: keep pets to show off how caring and loving one is, wearing fur and leather to show off one's taste and wealth, or many other different ways to intrude into the animal's world for their own benefit. However, no matter how they cover up, it always ends up revealing the very nature of human.

Hattori Taro is a human who disguises himself as a cat by putting on animal skin, just for getting "likes" from the others. Love him or not. This dude is despicable but at the same time adorable."
Information in Chart Below accurate as of time of publication:

New series......Coming soon..

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