Martin Hsu @ #SDCC2017 (Booth 4530)

Snaps of Martin Hsu and his Booth 4530 @ San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23) - filled to the edge of the tables with his illustrations and art (tons previewed on his Twitter + #MartinHsuBooth4530!), and not forgetting his Kindreds Artist Figures and self-paints (powered by Powercore).
"After 12 years exhibiting at SD Comic Con, you realize all you CAN do is make good art and be yourself. In the midst of giant monitors and flashing lights from big studios, indie artists rely on their fans, followers and friends for our livelihood."
Well said, Martin :)

Also scroll down to the end of this blogpost for URL-link to pre-order his “Dragon Boy Super 2pc Designer Vinyl Toy” since launched online!

Hey! Are they bringing you back to Singapore for this year’s STGCC, Martin? They should tho!

Who wants some art? 😊 #MartinHsuBooth4530 - Contact for art info! 💛 #SDCC2017

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Last 3 Poppies (actually 2!) #KINfigure #MartinHsuBooth4530 #SDCC2017Exclusive #poppy #KindredsFigure

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Enter at will 😊#MartinHsuBooth4530 #SDCC2017 Happy Friday! #love #peace

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Martin Hsu's “Dragon Boy Super 2pc” Designer Vinyl Toy (first seen here / Powered by PowerCore x VTSS) has now opened for pre-orders exclusively on for US$65.00. FREE Print when ordering during #SDCC2017 too! Ships end of August.

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