More Plush & Snapback from BeeFy & Co. for #SDCC2017

Menh Voong at BeeFy & Co. shares with us what else they’ll have for folks at San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23) Booth #5051!

- 10" Tall Shiny Charipoo Plush @ US$25 (Limited Edition: 100)
- 10" Tall Charipoo - *Regular Edition Plush @ US$25 (Limited Edition: 400)
- Ryupoo Snapback @ US$30 (Black and Heather Grey / One size fit all adjustable snapback)

In the world of Pokepoos, exist a super rare Shiny Charipoo! There are only 100 Shiny Charipoo that is known to exist in this world. How do you catch such a rare Pokepoo? Some Pokepoo trainers say, it's like 1/10,000 chances of a sighting, some say it's 1/100,000 or even 1/1,000,000 to catch one?! Rumor has it, that the stars and planets will all align on the 19th day through the 23rd day of July of 2017. All the Shiny Charipoo will gather together at the Mystical BeeFy & Co. Gym Booth #5051 at San Diego Comic Con. To catch one of these super rare Shiny Charipoo, you must defeat the Grand Master Pokepoo Trainer BeeFy! Do you have what it takes to be a Master Pokepoo Trainer? If you don't, then you Don't Gotta Catch'em All!!! #sdcc #sdcc2017 #sdccexclusive #shinycharizard #shinycharipoo #pokepoo #pokemon #pokemonplush #designertoys #designerplush #plush #bestplushintheworld

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"Here is our second Pokemon inspired plush, one of the all time most popular Pokemon Charizard. Adding to our apparel line is our very first snapback. Our snapback comes with a heavy thick embroidery thread count on the front design. Embroideries on top of the lid, side and on the back of the hat. There is also a printed design underneath the lid. The snapback comes in two colors, Black and Heather Grey."