Here’s a TOYSREVIL TOY REVIEW of PINEAPPLE BUN GIRL - PINANA - with character created by Helen Tam (@ Cafe de Bollo) and produced by M'S PRODUCTION & CO.. I’ve recently reviewed their ”DI'DOT - IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS", and I admit my expectations have been raised since, and I am not disappointed with this lil’lady!

The entire set is luxuriously packed in a process finish premium paulownia wood made box (L22 x W32 x H18 cm) with iron buckle lock, and a lid with etched in logo.

You will first be greeted with a black and white paper "pinana" cover art (print on 300gsm heavy stock), and underneath that protection piece is a "my sweet memory" color print (on 300gsm heavy stock) signed by the artist, and numbered out of 88. This is a splendid addition to the set - and one of the hallmarks of M’s Production Co., for their artist releases.

Underneath that lays encased in soft sponge, was the “Certificate of Authenticity” featuring a cut out of “pinana’s head shape” in paulownia wood, signed again by the artist herself, and numbered out of the 88pcs in this worldwide release.

In addition there is a slip of printed paper, which essentially is an instruction guide, on where the magnets are on both the figure’s accessories, limbs and display base. I do appreciate this add, as I might well miss the details, or at the very least take some time before I could “discover” them, IMHO.

OMG I sound so lazy! I WOULD HAVE discovered them but I’d rather not waste time “discovering” and jump into setting up my figure! LOL

Each component within the box is housed securely encased in soft sponge. They are as well wrapped in plastic (not wrapped tight), and include the following pieces;

- 1 x head with body.
- two pairs of hands for holding pancake and baking tool,
- 1 x egg beater,
- 1 x baking bowl,
- 1 x lady hat,
- 1 x chef hat,
- 1 x 8 cm squared stage with paving tiles effect (this is the figure base),
- 1 x pair of hand made socks for pinana - *This is the exclusive bonus item that came with pre-orders!

The individual pieces are nicely made with immaculate hand-painted accents. So many times the “props/accessories” come secondary to the main figure and might possess sub-par paint apps, but on this particular case, I did not have to worry ar all about my set.

Here’s a look at the main figure itself, sans her limbs/arms - which are attachable via magnets:

The figure self stands 8" inch (20 cm) tall, with a certain heft, as this is a handcrafted polystone art sculpture in the first place. The details for the main body is amazing, although not “immaculately crisp”, which I think is suitably managed for the design form and concept. Mankas Chong had sculpted it into 3-dimensions, from Helen’s 2-D illustrations, and the result is adorable!

The most “elaborate” paint application would be for the lil’lady’s “head/pineaple-hair”, as they are actual debossed-grooves rather than just painted-on aesthetics.

The design is essentially the scour-line of her namesake as a pastry dimsum bun in Hong Kong: “A Pineapple Bun” (*菠蘿包*). The “diamond” shaped scours reminds folks of a pineapple’s surface, hence “bo lo baau”! So our girl here is wearing a “bo lo baau” head-wrap LOL

The figure also possesses magnetic embedded in components (head, body, hands, baking bowl, hats and stage) to allow split, re-assemble and interchangeable body parts.

Hence the detachable arms - which could “hold” the baking bowl, the whisk, or a plate of pancakes! Although I would have to say, one arm from my figure suffered apparently from not too “strong” a magnetic effect, and is prone to dislodging - which if I had chosen to crazy-glue it, it would’ve made for a decent display.

Another aspect of the magnets, where her feet to the display stand, and a pretty strong magnet it was too, to be able to hold her weight!

All in all an adorable collectible the is splendid for display, with a specific design aesthetic leaning heavily towards the “independent illustrated character creation” aspect of the hobby, carried by a heavy sense of serenity and sunshine in the character’s depiction.

And especially if you are into building toy dioramas, the size works for plenty of gacha props out in the market, and you can imagine building up her kitchen and baking empire!

Designed by Helen Tam @ Cafe de Bollo and produced by M'S PRODUCTION & CO., PINEAPPLE BUN GIRL - PINANA had an initial SRP of HK$ 1,688 (pre-orders at HK$1,488.00), with price including FREE shipping, currently available to order online ordered from online here!

A “Red Edition” of PINEAPPLE BUN GIRL - PINANA has since been introduced and made it’s debut at ACGHK 2017 (Booth E26 for B.O.A.T-Both of the Art & Toys Exhibition), so I’d also recommend you stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for updates on online availability, and product pricing!

*All individual images since uploaded HERE in a dedicated album on the TOYSREVIL Facebook :)

(My THANKS to Mankas Chong for his generosity and patience).