Fiona Ng’s EV the Elementalist: Frost & Flame Edition Available Now for Pre-orders!

Fiona Ng introduces to us “EV the Elementalist” = an original character designed, created, cast and painted by Fiona, with the first two editions unleashed for -pre-orders now being “FROST” (Blue + Silver) and “FLAME” (Red + Gold)! Standing 6-inches tall, cast in resin, this was what Fiona had to share about their toylife:
"It's been awhile since I've had a new release--I've been working on an original character piece since the beginning of the year, and I'm finally finished with the design. There's a larger cast of characters planned, but EV is the first to be completed…”

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Priced at US$90 each, EV Frost & Flame Edition can be pre-ordered now on (shipping in September/October 2017).
"The cyborg EV travels the galaxy with her trusty crew, in search of new adventures and powerful artifacts. Harnessing the energy of a strange magical crystal in her bionic arm, EV can attune the crystal to different elemental powers on the fly, shooting beams and projectiles at her enemies or encasing them (and herself) in the element of her choosing."

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