Popcon Asia 2017 (Aug 5-6)

The annual POPCON ASIA launches August 5th to 6th this year at JHCC Senayan / Hall B, Jakarta Convention Center - with a emphasis on media arts and “education” this time, along with the inaugural “POPCON AWARDS” … I do not see a whole lot of “designer/art toys” representation this year tho, except these bright sparks :)

hi guys This is TOKI! Your lovely stress ball buddy in town! Whenever you feeling stress, sad, and need somebody, he'll be there for you *but sometimes he come a little bit late :p . You can hug or even punch him in the face! *he sometimes make an asshole face too, so you can punch it harder, let TOKI endure all your stress, sadness and sorrow, because that's why TOKI here! . TOKI is not strong or trying to be strong, but if it is for you, TOKI can retain anything! and don't worry, TOKI is fine *bleed everywhere . So, what is TOKI exactly? well TOKI is same like our previous character KARRI, KARRI are made from water and gas, but TOKI are just made from gas, spongy elastic gas. . What else that TOKI can do? well, ummm.. he can turn his head to 360 degree. like an owl? well, absolutely better :D With his ability to fly, had a shape and color like a ghost plus with a spinning head, surely TOKI will win at halloween this year. *last year he didn't win because he is too lazy to go to the party . So, do you have any question about TOKI? Many things about him we like to tell you too, but how about just meet and ask us at @popconasia 2017. booth AA-141. See you there soon, guys! . #illustration #characterdesign #vector #design #artwork #seal #toki #cute #kawaii #popcon #blackmavis #arttoy #designertoys #toy #stressballart

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Cu Guys at POPCON ASIA 2017 #popconasia #indonesianarttoys

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Seems that the event has turned inwards to celebrate their own countries’ creative forces, comicbook / illustration / independent pop culture arts (which I had seen up close and enjoyed in 2015), without the fanfare of designer/art toys of previous years though.

In the past I championed the event, and even spoke glowingly about it to creatives and independent artists I’d met … but scrolling thru the exhibitor’s list online this year, and seeing the abject lack of involvement from the “usual suspects” of art toy practitioners (Check out just last year’s spread), perhaps the “glory days of designer toys” at Popcon is now but a fond memory…? Or maybe everyone’s just “taking a break” this year? But of course, things do change and evolve, much less conventions :)

Fly the Flag and Keep it Strong, Black Mavis & I.A.T!

Check out what else the event holds this year via hashtag “#popconasia2017” on Instagram.