The Coming of WWR RTS - World War Robot Video Game from ThreeA?

After YEARS of blogging about 3A Toys’ “World War Robot” collectibles, and Ashley Wood art on WWR (the very first labelled post in 2007 = making it over a decade’s with of covering WWR!), this is the first time I am seeing the Bots “in action” - in what is labelled as early “RTS” tests - which in turn stands for “Real-time strategy” … are we getting a WWR Video Game? SCHWEET!

WWR RTS SUPER EARLY STUFFS! #7174 #ashleywood #ashleywoodart #wwr

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WHAT IS “RTS”: "Real-time strategy (RTS) is a subgenre of strategy video games where the game does not progress incrementally in turns.

In an RTS, the participants position and maneuver units and structures under their control to secure areas of the map and/or destroy their opponents' assets. In a typical RTS, it is possible to create additional units and structures during the course of a game … the typical game of the RTS genre features resource gathering, base building, in-game technological development and indirect control of units."
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