BEARY EFFICIENT BEAR by Naughty Brain x Mighty Jaxx on pre-orders now!

Launched over the weekend for pre-orders on is Shanghai-based Naughty Brain’s BEARY EFFICIENT BEAR - in two colorway editions: GRIZZLY BROWN and GOLDEN SUN - with each 7" tall (17.8cm) Vinyl Art Collectible priced at US$99.00 each, for a 4th quarter 2017 ship-out.

Previous releases from Naughty Brain featured all-singular colors, and as well hand-painted versions by Curious Boy for the recent 2017 Beijing Toy Show. These two rascals are the first production paint releases!

You know you want some of this bamboo-action, yeah? LOL

MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "We’ve done countless collaborations in many shapes and sizes but never one that’s quite like this. In our latest tie-up with Shanghai-based Naughty Brain, we bring you a clever yet cheeky take on a self-sufficient bear that is available in both Golden Sun and Grizzly Brown colorways. Eco-friendly and extremely self-loving, our Beary Efficient Bear is a real trooper when it comes to sustainable living. Come support him as he grows his own bamboo for sustenance and bears his very soul (and body) to you!"

I am loving this concept and toy, and would have featured this earlier, if not for the persistent problem with posting images such as these - even if they are “collectible toys” - are that they’ll get the blog into “trouble”, with a number of posts since altered or deleted thanks to “exposed anatomy” being a constant issue with the blog-advertisers’ guidelines - so please pardon the image cropping here (*something which I loath to do, but want to feature the collectible as well :p), while more info+images about the self-sustaining bear can be found on :)