Super7’s ACID GREEN 18-inch ALIENS WARRIOR Arrives Oct 31st

”This thing bled acid…” and you might well be bleeding “toy-lust” for this ACID GREEN ALIEN WARRIOR from Super7, which arrives Halloween October 31st both online and at Super7 stores in San Francisco and San Diego!

Standing 18-inches tall, the figure was fully unveiled in Episode 7 of Supercast (embedded at bottom of this post), and maaaaan it is simply "Game over, man! Game over!!"

SUPER7 PRESS: "Something sinister is stirring on LV-426......WARNING!...ALIENS are here! The iconic 1979 science fiction thriller ALIEN launched not only a new franchise of space-terror, but created one of the most amazing toys ever made! The infamous 1979 Kenner Alien giant-sized action figure captured the imagination of a generation – many of whom never even saw the nightmare-inducing film!

Legend has it that the original Alien giant-sized action figure was deemed too frightening for children and was quickly pulled from toy shelves, resulting in the 'Big Chap' becoming one of the most sought-after toys on the secondary market today. Whether through mythical recall or simply not connecting with a market, the dream of an army of giant-sized Xenomorphs has had it's bubble (chest) burst...until now!

The Super7 Super Size Alien Warrior action figure is the imagined successor to the 1979 Kenner Alien Action Figure - standing an amazing 18" tall, the Super Size Alien Warrior features a painstakingly faithful sculpture, recreating the original Kenner Alien, but changed to match the suit in the second film. This Xenomorph featured a different head, arms, and feet than the original Alien. "