TOYSREVIL TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: #9 - RANGERON BABY VAG from Koraters x T9G x Medicom Toy

WHAT-IS: It took some time - much longer than I anticipated -
but I’ve finally completed my personal TOP TEN TOYS of 2016!

CAVEAT#1: Items are to a part of my own personal collection, either purchased by myself, or gifted
to me, during the year of 2016. Essentially, this is a list of the toys that I already have, thanks.

CAVEAT#2: They could either be brand new toys released in the year of 2016, or they could have been
released earlier, but only owned or opened/deboxed in 2016. OLD is GOLD as far as I am concerned LOL

Enjoy The Toy-Joy, folks!

TOYSREVIL TOP TEN TOYS of 2016: #9 - RANGERON BABY VAG from Koraters x Medicom Toy!

Having consistently missed out of the regular sized "Byrons" - be it not being able to pick up the clear edition when I pawed it at Ozzo’s, to queuing up at toy-con for the Byron Liquid version at INSTINCTOY and having to be told its SOLD OUT just when the queue reached me (“toy-traumatising”, ok? LOL) … I’d all but given up any or all hope of scoring myself an “adult” Byron (EDIT: Actually that's not true ... :p) … then came the Baby Rangerons from Medicom Toy, and I was in TOY-LOVE, OMG!

Designed by Shoko Nakazawa x T9G, these gashapon-sized figures are part of Medicom Toy’s VAG / Vinyl Artist Gacha line (Series 7). Watch a grownassman GUSH online now hahahahaha

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[ MORE images HERE on my gacha hobby-blog ]

The squishy-chibi-baby versions of Byron x Rangeas is utterly adorable, heightened by the color ways in this particular line-up, with the dessert-styled “drips”, makes for an awesome bubble-gum-FUN that brings smile to my face whenever I palm them, srsly!

And here I thought I would be “done” with a single purchase of a line-up, but I have since snagged more Rangerons, and cementing my current collecting choices veering towards the “smaller” figures into the year 2017.