“All That Glitters is Blinding” by Josh Mayhem x Jermaine Rogers

Josh Mayhem x Jermaine Rogers present, "All That Glitters is Blinding" - A series of 9 custom Jermaine Rogers "Veil: Specimen 72 (I Think I Am Losing My Mind)" vinyl art figures, signed and numbered by Josh Mayhem.

Each re-sculpted piece will include a very limited edition print of Jermaine Rogers interpretation of the art figure. This print will measure 30 x 20 inches, and the limited edition of 9 pieces will be printed on a 'surprise' stock, signed and numbered by Jermaine Rogers. Only these 9 prints will be made available on this special surprise stock!

The cost for the art figure / print set will be US$1,250.00, and will be available exclusively on JoshMayhem.com Cyber Monday 11/27/17 @ 10am PST.

"I do like the 'art mimicking art' idea....each piece is a new creation...a new perspective on evolving ideas. It's a microcosm of all 'art' itself. One could say that all of (human) art is one big single project....one age-old compound exercise. It's a very fractile-driven idea, but that's really what everything is, anyway. 'You' are a compound product of a million things...and 'we' are all pieces of another big compound thing. Everyone is everyone else." - Jermaine Rogers.