CIG PACK by Lumps x Mighty Jaxx for Nov 4th release!

Okay, so THIS is super-champion! (Pardon my Singlish :p)

A little “back-story” to our sunny island Singapore’s history with cigarette packs: Somewhen in 2004, all cigarette packs sold in SG HAD to have “gory”-images printed on the packs themselves, featuring images of blackened teeth, diseased lungs and a stroke victim's clotted brain etc (info) - all due to smoking, no doubt with the aim to let smokers know and SEE the health perils of smoking cigarettes!

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Remembering when I smoked for over 2 decades, having said images became such a “normal” occurrence (at least for me and some of my friends), that the “shock” was no longer a issue or where even noticed, but for seeing cigarette packs from overseas WITHOUT the images!

I have since stopped smoking (due to Stroke in 2010, fhanks :p), mind you, and have not purchased any since ... although my eye instinctively nearly always wonder to the cig-display in coffee-shops or super-markets! Some "habits" die harder LOL :p

Then I saw THIS on Mighty Jaxx’s Instagram stream! Now TAHT'S a pack of "rokok" I'd wanna get, bro!

Designed by UK-based illustrator Lumps ( / Instagram @lumps_uk) and produced by MJ, this full vinyl collectible stands 6.5 inches tall and is limited only to 300 pieces!

Priced at US$99.00 per, and dropping Saturday, 4th November 2017, 10am EST on (ships 2nd quarter 2018) … and I wonder if there’ll be different color ways to come…? Someone needs to fill up the cig shop display with these LOL

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Love this animation of my design by @softbodyphysics 😀cheers!

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FYI: "Rokok" is the literal word for "cigarettes" in Malay :)