PACIFIC RIM UPRISING “Robot Spirits” Action Figures from Bandai on show at C3 AFASG17

One of the bigger regrets for myself (personally) at the recent STGCC, was not being able to find the toy-display for “PACIFIC RIM UPRISING(among quite a few booths/displays I could not find, actually!), but last Friday I was able to somewhat sate said-regret, with the display at C3 Anime Festival Asia, showcasing a small line-up consisting of a trio of (prototype) “Jaeger” action figures at the Bandai booth area!

As part of their “Robot Spirits” action figure line (of which there are 5 x Mechas to be released), on show were (left-to-right) an unpainted/tanned (Mark-5) “BRACER PHOENIX” … a colored (Mark-6) “GIPSY AVENGER” … and a all-black “OBSIDIAN FURY” (“Unknown Classification” - whom I am loving the body-form, which reminded me of Simon Bisley’s rendition of “Joe Pineapples” from “ABC Warriors” hahaha) - and I couldn’t be more excited for these 6-inch tall figures!

Remembering my desire for the NECA-released figures from the first movie (but never did purchase any, beyond the gacha-figures which I adored!) … “Budget”-pending, THIS time I’m not going to let these mecha escape my grasp! “Movie-viewing-experience” notwithstanding, of course! LOL

*I’ll be sure to snap better pictures next time I come across them, thanks! :p