Shoko Nakazawa’s "WALK" Online Store Opens Dec 1st @ 0:00AM JPT

UPDATED: The online store has since gone “live”, and featured here are screen grabs of the items listed which includes her TOYS, and her artwork and prints made for the mini exhibition!

Do note that while all the items has been listed as “Sold Out”, purchases are accepted via email “”. The cart cannot be used on this page. In the event there are too many enquiries/entries, purchases will be via LOTTERY. Winners will be contacted instead.

"We will start accepting application one week from Dec 1st. (12:00 in japan time)
In case of too many applications, we will decide by lottery.
You can apply only once and order one per item.
Please e-mail your address, name and contact information.
We accept only PAYPAL payment from abroad and credit card payment from Japan. please write your PAYPAL account address if you live abroad.

Winners will get invoice by e-mail. Otherwise please do not reply.
Thank you for your understanding."


Missed the goodies at Shoko Nakazawa’s ”WALK” mini exhibition? Fret not overseas fans, for you might have a chance to score them online via for when sales launch Friday December 1st, 2017 @ 0:00AM JPT (*The page is currently not opened for business for the stipulated time).

Sales will be managed by Subcarism, and they have a few ground rules (stated on their IG @subcarism_tokyo) reproduced here in its entirety unedited, fhanks.

As for WHAT the items will be available, you’ll just have to wait for the webpage to live! Meanwhile, here are images of the WALK exhibition, and see if there’s anything you see you might want…? Heh.

Shoko Nakazawa mini exhibition 「WALK」 はじまります。

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Product details will be announced by ONLINE STORE.
- This is not a first come first serve sale.
- It’s the order by mail entry during available time.
- Mail address will be mentioned in STORE’s product details page.
- During available time, everyone can mail for the order.
- 1 mail for 1 item per 1 person(1 household).
※Cautions! : If one of these details are duplicated, all of your mails will be rejected.
**Name/Address/Telephone Number/Mail Address**
- If the order entry is more than product’s number, it’ll be a lottery sale.
- Ask/Contact 📧 :