STINK BOX from Jason Limon x DYZPlastic (Preview & Preview Sales at Designer Con 2017)

Andrew Bell at DYZPLASTIC has teamed up with artist Jason Dimon to produce a mini figure series featuring their “fine feline friends” - Introducing “STINK BOX”!
"Inspired by and featuring artwork from Jason Limon, this whimsical blind box mini series features a total of 16 different possible feline friends. Many are named after some special cats in our own lives, but feel free to call them by whatever name you want.. they’re cats, they won’t answer either way."
And if you are wonder “What’s A Stink Box?” then you have not owned cats before, then I’ll bring your attention to the box design of each figure - ”where the packaging itself becomes part of the display for the figure. Separate the top, insert into box, attach fringe, add cat, and enjoy your own special Stink Box”!

Availability starts December 2017 (do check in with your fav retailers for availability and pricing), BUT folks heading to Designer Con 2017 this weekend (Nov 11-12) at Pasadena Convention Center in the United States, will get a sneak-peek and preview sales at Booth #619! "Price" unknown at this time for this blind-box series ... nevertheless, also do look forward to THIS trio of hand-painted from Jason Limon himself (see below) ~ Tell’em TOYSREVIL Sent You!