TOYSREVILART for #Inktober2017

And so I’d FINALLY “completed” my INKTOBER for 2017! Alas, I had to take a huge chunk of the month of November to do so! I just could not give up when October ended, so yes, I “cheated” and pushed forth until completion!

And while I would not lay claim to have completed “in time”, I would still like to share with you folks, what I have done! (*Thank You for indulging i me…)

I had broken up the 31 days into a few “themes”, set forth by myself. I had in mind to “grid” my images, so estimated 9 x drawings to a theme, with the final 6 x drawings to either be part of the previous themes, or a brand new theme.

In past Inktobers, I had found myself stretching thin if I had stuck to only a specific theme, or even follow “prompts”, and inevitably struggle to complete the 31 days (this year was no exception).

All the excitement and enthusiasm I could muster, just could not sustain for long, I suppose… and was about to “give up” when October ended … BUT… :)

The themes I had decided on THIS year are: #drawatoy, #drawamovie and #samesamebutdifferent. There is also a #StarshipTRE-theme (Day 18-25) that I had put into a single post. *All URLs linked here are to the individual blogposts on my art hobby-blog at TOYSREVILART, thanks! :)

One of my initial plan when I started, was to film a time-lapse of all by doodles, but alas did not manage to complete the mission. I’ll try harder NEXT YEAR!

Here is a compilation of my #inktober 2017 - Day 18-25 featuring the crew-members of my as-yet-named spaceship, with characters inspired by & borne of my current viewing of #StarTrekDiscovery + #TheOrville, with a liberal dose of #AlienLegion comicbooks (I’m ALWAYS a sucker for #ragtag “team of misfits”), each with their own backstory, each connected to a larger story that binds them all together (beyond just being on the same spaceship lol) … one day, I hope to share with everyone what that story is … I also recognise that this series has turned out to be more about “character design” (for me anyways) as opposed to “showcasing of skills/inkart”, but hey I am just enjoying myself here LOL :p Thank you for checking out #toysrevilink2017 for all my #inktober2017 sketches thus far :) #hengdraw #toysrevilart

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